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I’m Not Just Another Agent

I am the right agent! Contact me about what real strategies I have that I will put into motion for your home to sell.


How I Get Homes Sold

Contact me today to discover how my prospecting helps benefit you!


How Buyers Search for Homes

Considering how buyers are searching for their next home will help you determine how to price your home to sell quickly. What’s the best price to sell your home? Contact me today for a free consultation.

What If My Home Sells Before I Find My Next One?

If the home you currently live in sells before we have found your next home, don’t worry. I have strategies that can help bridge the gap.


6 Steps to Staging Your Home

These 6 steps towards staging your house are necessary for gaining the most amount of money you possibly can from your sell. If you would like more ideas, contact me today and let’s meet to discuss your selling goals.


Showing and Selling a Home with Pets

Pets are great family members, and while your home is on the market you may want to consider relocating them somewhere else for just a short while. Relocating them can help to prevent a number of problems that could arise with strangers and pets in the same home.


Depersonalize Your Home!

You’ll want to depersonalize your home before you go live on the market. This allows buyers a chance to think of themselves as the future home owner.


Check Curb Appeal and Improve It

Improving your curb appeal goes a long way towards inviting buyers to think seriously about your home before they even step foot in the door. Provide a warm and inviting first impression by improving your curb appeal.



Bathrooms are incredibly important to potential buyers. Invest in some good old fashioned elbow grease to make them sparkle! Never underestimate how much a good cleaning can pay off.


The Kitchen

Get rid of the clutter and clean the entire kitchen. No dirty dishes, and try to eliminate smells from cooking with especially strong spices. We all love great food, however it is best if buyers don’t know that you have recently cooked.


Home Updates: Going Green

Investing in “green features” helps to improve the appeal of buyers choosing to purchase your home. Does that mean you should go out right now and completely renovate your home before trying to sell? Most likely, no. However, to give you the best answer contact me today so that I can learn more about your unique home.

Quick Home Improvement Ideas

Here are a few quick and simple home improvement ideas that can easily help make a great first impression with buyers when they look at your home.


Boost Selling Price

For tips on how to boost your home’s selling price check out this video.


Discount Broker/Sales Agent

Do you buy jewelry from a discount jeweler and receive top notch service? Meet with me and I’ll discuss with you the service you’ll be needing in your next transaction.


Packing Essentials

Yea!! If we are talking about packing then your home has sold! Put the items you’ll need for the unpacking process in easily identifiable bins to have a smoother move-in process to your new home.


Packing Tips: Color Code and Label

Time saving tips to help you after you move and before you unpack.


Foreclosure or Short Sale?

I can help you witj this! If you are near, or already in, foreclosure or need to short sale a property, contact me today. I can help you navigate through the process.


My Keller Williams Home Search App

You might be thinking, “why do I want to search for homes when all I want to do is sell mine?” Two reasons! The first and most obvious is because you might be researching where you will move to next. I can help you with that. The second reason, when selling your own home, you want to know what nearby properties are selling for. My app can provide a quick and simple way to learn more about nearby properties. Download the app here, or click below to watch the video and learn more about it.


Tiffani Reynolds, REALTOR

Tiffani Reynolds, REALTOR


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