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My Keller Williams App

I have a FREE app that offers you the ability to search for homes anywhere in the United States and Canada. Easily run nearby searches that can help you find homes to buy or homes for rent. Within the same app, you can press a button to contact me immediately. Utilize the advanced search function to pinpoint and find exactly what you are looking for in a home. You can also easily locate open houses. The app will allow you to save your favorite searches or you can save those properties that you are interested in. Download my app here to learn more; it’s free. Check out the short video below to see a sneak peak.


I’m Not Just Another Agent

I am the right agent! Contact me to find out what strategies I use to negotiate the best deal for you.


Be Educated on Your Search Platform

Not all home search platforms are created equal. In fact some provide misleading home estimates, or wrong information in regards to property availability. Do yourself a favor, search for homes using my FREE home search app. It’s always updated, allows you to save your homes and the search, and puts you in direct contact with me.


I Can Help You Buy Your Next Home

Many people are not aware that if you are buying a home, typically, you do not pay the agent that is representing you, the buyer. The buyer’s agent gets paid from the seller’s agent. I work on your behalf, negotiate for you to get the best deal, and at the end of it all the agent on the other side of the transaction pays me for bringing a buyer to them. The advantage for you is you don’t pay me, I still negotiate strongly for you, and you get to purchase the home you’ve always wanted. Contact me if you’d like to learn more!


Home Buying Process

This video quickly explains the road map towards buying a home. This way you’ll know what to expect when meeting with me.


The Loan Pre-Approval Process

Once you are pre-approved to purchase we can quickly jump into finding you a home. What will I have to do to get pre-approved for a loan? Check the video below for a quick overview of the process. Each loan officer is slightly different in their requirements, and this will give you a generalized overview of what to expect. Contact me today if you need recommendations for lenders to work with.


School Districts Are Important

Whether you have kids or not, the school district your home is located within will affect your homes value. I can help you identify a great school district!


New Construction Builds

Real Estate Professionals can help you work a great deal when negotiating with a home builder. Let me negotiate on your behalf to earn you a winning result.


Choosing a Lot for Your New Build

When choosing your lot, think ahead to what future development will look like in that location of the community. Thinking ahead can pay off to your comfort down the road.


What Is Your Idea of a Dream Home

Share your idea with me and let me worry about making it a reality. Contact me now!


Buyer Consultation

We can find the home you want by narrowing your focus and determining exactly what you want in a home. Let’s meet for a consultation to identify your wants and needs.


Make A List of Must-Haves

Make a list of what a home must have for you to move forward with buying. Keep track of things that would be considered deal breakers if the home did not have. Equipped with this list, you’ll move much more quickly through the home buying process.


Home Closing Costs

Don’t forget about closing costs, in addition to your down payment and the purchase price of the home. Closing costs will be provided by your lender.


Until Closing Happens

Until you are holding the keys to your new home in hand, make certain to make no changes to your employment. In addition, refrain from making any large purchases. Make too big of a purchase and it actually can cause the entire transaction to derail and not close.


Home Warranty

You’ll want to get one. I will negotiate on your behalf to get the seller to provide one for you. Items break down due to normal wear and tear, and we want to avoid having to pay for repairs during your first year in a new house. A home warranty will keep you covered.


The Costs of Renting

You should consider home ownership instead of renting, unless you know you’ll only be somewhere for two years or less. I can help put you in touch with lenders that will work on getting you pre-qualified for a loan.


I Can Assist You In Your Home Search

I can help you find the home you’ve always wanted. Our buyer consultation will help me to identify your needs and I can get right to work on finding homes for you to preview.


Got Bad Neighbors?

Tired of apartment life, or do you have bad neighbors in your community? Let’s get you some rest. I’ll worry about finding your next place. Contact me now to let me know what you are looking for.


Time for a Second Home?

Are you ready for a second home? Do you want a vacation home? Are you ready to become a landlord and gain passive income? Speak with me on how you can accomplish this goal.




Tiffani Reynolds, REALTOR

Tiffani Reynolds, REALTOR


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