Contracts commonly used in Texas home sales state that the house, fixtures, improvements, and accessories are part of the sale. Here are examples of what stays and goes.


Goes With The Seller

Table Lamp, Television, Potted Plant

Bed, Couch, Dining Room, Area Rug

Lawn Mower, Hammock, Patio Grill, Bookcase

Washer and Dryer, Paintings and Decorating

If a seller wants to exclude items from the sale, the contract includes a place for that. Speak with your REALTOR® to help you properly document your intent.


Stays With Property

Stove, Wall-to-wall Carpeting

Ceiling Fan, Television Wall Mount, Chandelier

Window Shutters, Smoke Detectors

Curtains/Drapes and Rods, Blinds and Window Shades

Garage Door Opener, Shrubbery and Landscaping

Window Air-Conditioning Unit

A buyer can request items that are not included in the contract to stay behind. If you want the patio furniture, speak with your REALTOR® and you will use a different form to put your request in writing. The form is titled “Non-Realty Items Addendum”.